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Public Sector Research and Development Project in Serbia

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA3-SER-SOC-01 € 600,000
EIB Loan € 200,000,000
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 90,200,000
CEB Loan € 70,000,000
CEB Loan € 35,000,000
WBIF Grant WB15-SRB-SOC-02 € 880,000
EU HETIP Project External Grant € 30,900,000
Total € 427,580,000
Total Grants € 1,480,000
Total Loans € 305,000,000

Project Description

The Government of Serbia made a strategic decision to place much emphasis on developing its high-level knowledge-based education facilities and research capacity as a key driver for economic growth. WBIF embraced this initiative together with the EIB and supports a project made up of three Components:

  • Component A: Petnica Science Centre, with support assisting with a review of the feasibility study. A main design for works, technical specifications for equipment and furnishings, and a procurement plan;
  • Component B: Zvezdara Technology Park, with support for updating the feasibility study, the main design, bill of quantities and procurement plan; and
  • Component C: Centre for promotion of science in Belgrade with support for a pre-feasibility study, the preparation of a design brief and regulations for an international architectural competition.

All three projects are planned to best internationally recognised standards, including energy conscious design, sustainability and environmental care, ease of maintenance, safety and security, and full special needs access.


Start of Technical Assistance: High Education Infrastructure in Serbia

Results and Benefits

  • Petnica Science, the construction and equipping of i) a new dormitory for 170 beds for students and teachers; ii) a laboratory building physics, biosciences, and chemistry; and iii) the refurbishment of existing buildings: library, existing dormitories, and restaurant. This work is completed.
  • Zvezdara Technology Park, the reconstruction of 5 buildings totalling 18,345 m2 aiming to create an incubator area providing training for application of new technologies, transfer of new R&D results from institutes and universities to companies, or founding new companies based on R&D results; laboratories and test sites; a venture capital fund, legal and financial advice; and management training. This work is completed.
  • Centre for promotion of Science in Belgrade: the centre will generate a virtual process of scientific education, continuous training and a state of creation and stimulation of new jobs all leading to economic growth. The competition was launched on 15 September 2010. 232 projects were received and the winners were awarded in December 2010. The expectation is to have 200,000 visitors per year rising to 500,000 after five years. The project consists of 10,788 m2 of various exhibition areas, laboratories, IMAX, offices, and 3,000 m2 outdoor exhibition areas.
  • Countries: Serbia
  • Code: PRJ-SRB-SOC-002
  • Sector: Social
  • Monitor IFI: EIB
  • Status: Implementation
  • Beneficiary:
Project financing split

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