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WBIF in Albania

Estimated Project Value: €2.3 billion                                                                                  

WBIF Grants: €143.8 million, out of which €128.8 million from the EU and €15.0 million from other donors

Loans Signed: €430 million

The WBIF has supported thirty-three projects with an overall estimated value of €2.3 billion across all eligible sectors. The WBIF has provided €143.8 million in grants, whereas the loans signed on WBIF-supported have reached €430 million. The EU support channelled through the WBIF accounts for €128.8 million and covers both technical assistance and investment works.

The WBIF has been instrumental in ensuring access to continuous water supply and electricity, competitive energy sources, modern sanitation services, better schools and healthcare facilities, safe and efficient transport routes. Further investments are currently being planned for, including those identified in the national gas masterplan developed with WBIF assistance and for broadband infrastructure.

Achieved results (selection):

  • 800 km of new roads;
  • Water/wastewater systems for more than 260,000 people;
  • Better schools for 18,400 pupils.

Expected results (selection):

  • 145 km of new high-speed roads and 194 km of railway lines rehabilitated;
  • 170 km of electricity transmission lines upgraded and secure power supply;
  • Increase in capacity and safe and efficient transport by sea in the Port of Durrës;
  • Water/wastewater systems for 100,000 people and improved solid waste services for more than 180,000 people;
  • More than 45,000 people protected from floods; 
  • Healthcare research and treatment facilities for 2.8 million people.

Out of the thirty-three projects supported, nine have been completed, five are being implemented, three are tendering for works to start construction and sixteen are at various stages of preparation. In addition, Albania has benefited from regional projects and initiatives funded by the WBIF, such as the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Western Balkans (REEP and REEP Plus) and the Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF).

For more details on the status of the WBIF operations in Albania, please visit our Projects page.

2018 Connectivity Project

Reconstruction of Quays 1 and 2 on the Western Terminal of the Port of Durrës – one of the four existing terminals of the largest seaport in Albania. (c) Durrës Port Authority

€62.45 million investment value

€27.05 million grant for construction works

€1.1 million grant for technical assistance

€25.0 million EBRD loan

For more details please see the Project Summary (last updated May 2019). 

The Country at a Glance

Population: 2.9 million

GDP: €11.5 billion 

GDP per capita Index: 29

Public Debt: 71.8% GDP

EU Candidate: June 2014 


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