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Maximum Security State Prison

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB14-BIH-SOC-01 € 840,000
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 4,748,538
USA Government External Grant Grant € 189,561
SIDA External Grant Grant € 2,090,086
WBIF Grant WB4-BIH-SOC-02 € 1,200,000
WBIF Grant TA-BIH-01 € 500,000
CEB Loan € 19,161,346
CEB External Grant Grants € 297,756
EU External Grant IPA 2008 and 2010 € 9,150,000
Total € 38,177,287
Total Grants € 2,540,000
Total Loans € 19,161,346

Project Description

Notwithstanding recent reforms and investments, prisons in Bosnia and Herzegovina still face overcrowding and lack of financial resources to support rehabilitation of existing facilities and/or construction of new ones. Conditions are even more critical in the case of maximum security detainees, particularly those sentenced by the State Criminal Court. The latter has been in operation since 2003 with the mandate to address war crimes and post-war criminal and corruption offences. 

This project aims to provide modern detention facilities primarily for defendants that are being tried and/or have been convicted by the State Criminal Court. The newly built prison is intended for a maximum of 348 adult males, who will be housed in single and/or double-occupancy cells with en-suite facilities, including several for disabled access. The detainees will have access to training/education (workshops, computer rooms, and library) as well as sports rooms, with the purpose to assist with their reintegration into society once released. They will also benefit from regular medical care on site. 

The project was initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through a dedicated Project Implementation Unit, with grant support from the WBIF, i.e. European Union through Infrastructure Project Facility 1. It continued with a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank and further EU grant support to assist with the project implementation and execution, through the WBIF (Infrastructure Project Facility 3) as well as (national) IPA 2008 and 2010. Sweden and the United States also contributed with grants to the execution of the project. It is the first maximum-security prison in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fully comply with European Prison Rules

Project preparation activities were concluded in the summer of 2012, while tenders for works and works supervision were launched in 2013. Construction commenced in August 2014 and was completed in 2017, with full commissioning expected in 2018. Throughout this period, the WBIF grant support (Infrastructure Project Facility 5) will continue with the development of a management information system and the provision of dedicated training to future prison staff. 

Once completed and operational, the new detention facilities will contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina's progress towards compliance with relevant EU Acquis and international human rights standards in this sector.

Maximum Security State Prison, August 2017. (c) EU | Photo: David Kelly


First High Security State Prison in BiH Opened with the EU Support

Major Construction Works Completed for the Maximum-Security State Prison in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Code: PRJ-BIH-SOC-001
  • Sector: Social
  • Monitor IFI: CEB
  • Status: Completed
  • Beneficiary:
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