Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Education, Excellence and Equity Project (EEE-P) and Rehabilitation of Tirana Schools Phase 2

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA-ALB-10 € 1,500,000
Other Sources Other Sources € 45,600,000
CEB Loan € 14,000,000
Total € 61,100,000
Total Grants € 1,500,000
Total Loans € 14,000,000

Project Description

This project aimed at assisting the Government of Albania with planning and implementing infrastructure developments in the education sector. A €1,500,000 million EU grant was awarded in June 2008.

The GIS application allows for the visualization of statistical data into different map scenarios that can be used to inform policy decisions. By using the GIS application, the Ministry of Education management authorities can quickly turn data into information that can accelerate and foster decision-making. The SIMS complements the GIS tool key component; the system's functionalities and characteristics are designed to give key scenarios for different administrative levels. The information reports generated through SIMS are configured in a preformatted layout covering 14 thematic areas. Each of these reports is ready for on-screen visualization, downloading in different accessible formats and printing on office size stationery.

Grant activities were complete in April 2012. The grant support was instrumental in supporting concrete infrastructure improvements, supported by the Council of Europe Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.

Results and Benefits

  • assessment of current and future information and communication technology (ICT) needs of the Ministry of Education
  • assessment of the geographic information system (GIS) needs
  • inventory of 4,800 schools
  • a school information system (SIMS) and GIS
  • training for the national and regional Ministry of Education staff of how to use the SMIS and GIS
  • Countries: Albania
  • Code: PRJ-ALB-SOC-001
  • Sector: Social
  • Lead IFI: CEB
  • Status: Completed
  • Beneficiary: Ministry of Education and Science
Project financing split

Partner Financial Organisations

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