Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Skavica Hydropower Plant

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB17-ALB-ENE-03 € 1,507,500
National Contribution Own Contribution € 40,000,000
EBRD Loan € 206,000,000
Total € 247,507,500
Total Grants € 1,507,500
Total Loans € 206,000,000

Project Description

Electricity generation in Albania is 100% based on hydro resources. The country continues to be a net importer of electricity, with the production dominated by the public sector. To increase energy security and mitigate the risk of floods downstream the exiting cascade of hydro power plants (HPPs) on the Black Drin River, two new HPPs have been recommended to the constructed: 50 MW HPP at Katundi i Ri and 120 MW HPP at Skavica.  

In 2017, the WBIF has approved a €1.5 million grant for the development of the feasibility study and environmental and social impact assessment for the construction of HPP Skavica, an additional dam, and a 132 MW hydropower plant, upstream from the existing Fierza HPP. The construction activities are planned to start in 2020.

This investment will provide 132 MW renewable energy, increase electricity supply security by ~ 450 GWh/year, and reduce the risk of floods on 10,000 ha for the benefit of 100,000 people. The project is expected to create 300 new jobs during construction and other 45 jobs in the operation stage.

Results and Benefits

  • 119 MW of additional capacity from renewable energy sources
  • 470 GWh/year power production from Skavica HPP and additional output from Fierza HP
  • 70,000 households benefitting from electricity production
  • a population of 100,000 benefiting from flood protection measures
  • 10,000 ha rural/agricultural land protected from floods in project locations baseline
  • total number of beneficiaries of 2,100,000 
  • Countries: Albania
  • Code: PRJ-ALB-ENE-008
  • Sector: Energy
  • Lead IFI: EBRD
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Beneficiary: Albanian Power Corporation
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