Zagreb: Sava River Regulation and Development

Zagreb: Sava River Regulation and Development

Project Description

Overflows on the Sava River, such as those registered in 2010 and 2014, significantly affected Zagreb and neighbouring settlements. This project concerns an ambitious river regulation programme for the Sava, which would consider the entire river length from the border with Slovenia to Zagreb. The flood protection schemes are intertwined with hydropower generation facilities, waterways transport, and improved urban and state land use following the reclamation of currently flooded areas.

The WBIF has provided EU grant assistance for assessment of options by means of a detailed feasibility study, including conceptual design and strategic environmental impact assessment. The chosen option provides for: construction of 10 hydropower plants (HPPs) on the Sava, in Croatia; connecting the existing Sava-Odra Canal with the Sava River into the Sava-Sava Canal (the Canal); reconstruction of the Jankomir spillway; construction of 17 new bridges (10 on HPPs, 7 crossing the Canal); and the reconstruction of 6 bridges on the Sava-Odra Canal.

Public consultations on the selection options are currently ongoing, with funding provided by Program Sava. Croatia intends to apply for EU funds for the co-financing of the programme.

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB8-HR-ENE-11 € 1,507,500
EBRD Loan € 500,000,000
Other Own Contribution € 698,500,000
Total € 1,200,007,500
Total Grants € 1,507,500
Total Loans € 500,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

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