Banja Luka Medical Faculty, Centre for Education and Research, Faculty of Health Care and Secondary Medical School

Banja Luka Medical Faculty, Centre for Education and Research, Faculty of Health Care and Secondary Medical School

Project Description

This project concerns the construction of a new medical campus in the proximity of the University Hospital Clinical Centre, in Banja Luka. The Clinical Centre has been operating since the early 1980s and in spite of limited resources, it has become a well-respected teaching facility in the region. The medical campus will include: new facilities, to be used by the Faculty of Medicine; a new Research & Development Centre; facilities dedicated to the training of nurses, including the Secondary Medical School and the Faculty for Health Care Professionals. The medical research center would be split into two sections: pre-clinical research (fundamental research in physics, biology, chemistry, physiology and anatomy) and clinical research (fundamental research in biomedicine, cellular and subcellular levels, stem cells, new drugs application, introduction of new therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in clinical medicine, etc.). 

The general beneficiaries of the project are the citizens of the Republika Srpska, in particular patients, healthcare professionals and employees of the facilities. They will benefit from higher quality and safer health care services, as well as better and secure working conditions. The project thus contributes to the reform of Bosnia and Herzegovina healthcare system. 

The WBIF has so far contributed a €1.68 million EU grant to the preparation of the project. The feasibility study and preliminary designs were completed by the Infrastructure Project Facility 2 in November 2013. Work on the detailed construction design and tender documents, as well as the preparation of a waste management plan for the entire Paprikovac Campus (Medical Campus and Clinical Centre) is currently ongoing, with the Infrastructure Project Facility 5.


Start of the EU-supported Technical Assistance for Banja Luka Medical Education Facilities in Banja Luka

EU supports the Health and Education Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina by expanding the Clinical Centre to a Medical Campus

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB5-BIH-SOC-03 € 800,000
WBIF Grant WB14-BIH-SOC-02 € 884,400
EIB Loan € 100,000,000
Government of Republika Srpska Own Contribution € 23,234,000
WBIF Grant WB20-BIH-SOC-01 € 331,650
Anticipated WBIF TA Grant External Grant € 1,300,000
Total € 126,550,050
Total Grants € 2,016,050
Total Loans € 100,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners