Mediterranean Corridor: Tirana Bypass

Mediterranean Corridor: Tirana Bypass

Project Description

Albania has seen a massive increase in the level of vehicle ownership, from a base-line of virtually zero in 1990. Private car ownership particularly has increased 152 % in the period 2000-2008, yet still stands well below the European average. A continuous rise in car ownership is therefore inevitable. This increase has had a huge impact on the straining road infrastructure and in particular the severe congestion experienced in the capital, Tirana. The congestion has knock-on detrimental effects: lost time for travelling in the city and inevitably air pollution. In order to address the current congestion issues, a 20 km bypass has been proposed, to run between Kashar and Mullet via Vaqarr in Tirana.

The WBIF allocated a €1,000,000 EU grant in June 2012 for the preparation of the feasibility study and associated designs. The study was completed in May 2014 and showed high return on investment. Further project preparatory work is due in order to finalize the designs to the level of detail required. 

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB7-ALB-TRA-12 € 1,005,000
EBRD Loan € 111,673,925
WBIF Grant WB16-ALB-TRA-02 € 1,507,500
National Contribution Own Contribution € 9,902,520
WBIF Grant WB-IG05-ALB-TRA-01 € 33,276,842
WBIF Grant WB-IG06-ALB-TRA-01 € 35,905,650
EU CONNECTA External Grant € 153,000
Total € 193,424,437
Total Grants € 71,694,992
Total Loans € 111,673,925

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners