Mati River Flood Protection Infrastructure

Mati River Flood Protection Infrastructure

Project Description

Mati River is one of the largest rivers in Albania, with a catchment area of 2441 km2 that covers the municipalities of Lezha, Mirdita and Kurbin. The river basin is relatively mountainous, with downstream alluvial plains, where most of the population and economic activities are located, exposed to floods under high flows due to heavy rains and snow melting.

This investment project concerns the rehabilitation of flood protection infrastructure in the lower Mati River Basin through rehabilitation of 12.5 km dikes on both sides of the river from the Mati River Bridge to the Adriatic Sea, and reconstruction of 1.8 km coastal dike on the right bank of the river.

The Feasibility Study and the Preliminary Design for the most urgent flood protection measures in the lower Mati River Basin, Lezha District, were prepared by the Infrastructure Project Facility 2 (TA3-ALB-ENV-03) in 2012. The interventions were identified as “no-regret” measures under the regional study “Gap Analysis and Needs Assessment in the Context of Implementing EU Floods Directive in the Western Balkans”, which was implemented by Infrastructure Project Facility 4 (WBEC-REG-ENV-02) in January – September 2015. The WBIF renewed its support in June 2018 with a grant for detail design, environmental impact assessment and tender documents to enable the implementation of the project.


Completion of the EU-funded Technical Assistance to Flood Protection Infrastructure in Albania

Start of the EU-funded Technical Assistance Project ‘Mati River Flood Protection Infrastructure’ in Albania

Project Financing

National Contribution Own Contribution € 1,332,000
EIB Loan € 2,939,000
WBIF Grant WB19-ALB-ENV-01 € 452,250
WBIF Grant TA3-ALB-ENV-03 € 400,000
Anticipated WBIF INV Grant Other Sources € 2,939,000
Anticipated WBIF TA Grant Other Sources € 300,000
Total € 8,362,250
Total Grants € 852,250
Total Loans € 2,939,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners