Social Sector

Social policy development and reforming the social system constitute priorities in the
Western Balkans region. The WBIF has contributed with more than €3.3bn investments. 

Reform and rehabilitation efforts focus primarily on education, health and pension systems, poverty reduction, social inclusion and improvements to the social safety net. Accompanying infrastructure measures include the construction and/or modernisation of social housing, education, health and judicial facilities. Progress in this sector is a vital component of the Western Balkans’ efforts to align with the Europe 2020 strategy, particularly through the SEE 2020 strategy.

The WBIF liaises closely with the Regional Cooperation Council regarding social sector objectives. To date, social sector projects account for 17% of approved WBIF grants. These comprise a combination of preparatory work (studies, design, impact assessments, etc.) for investments co-financing and strategic studies.


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