ECS: Energy Community Lunches a Public Consultation on Regional Energy Strategy

Posted on: 02.04.2012

The 9th Ministerial Council established a Task Force and mandated it to develop a Regional Energy Strategy. The Strategy will take stock of where the region currently stands and where it is heading in the next decade. As an outcome, there will be a list of regional objectives and the main actions that are required to reach them, as well as a regional energy demand trend analysis. The aim of the public consultation is to collect the views of interested stakeholders about the main issues to be included in the Strategy. As of today, 2 April 2012, the Energy Community Secretariat invites the stakeholders to comment on the four questions raised in the Consultation paper.


The consultation period on the Energy Community regional energy strategy runs from 2 April to 23 April 2012. It targets particularly public authorities, industry associations, SMEs, consultancies, international financial institutions, donors, NGOs, trade unions and citizens inside and outside of the Energy Community. The Secretariat invites the stakeholders to submit their answers using the Consultations questions - template. The contributions are to be sent to the email address only. Whilst answers in English are encouraged, also contributions in in any of the official languages of the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community will be welcomed. All the received contributions will be published on the Energy Community website. For further information, refer to the Public Consultation – page.